Why “Shop Local” Means So Much to Me

I’ll never forget sitting in the back of my dad’s Dodge Caravan, waiting impatiently while he drove us to my grandma’s house. She lived 10 hours away in southeast Iowa where the roads were unpaved and the nearest neighbor lived at least a quarter mile away.

Unlike my kids who get to travel to beautiful beaches every summer, driving to the country to visit family is what I did on vacation when […]

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New Bath Bomb with Kukui Oil and Cocoa Butter

We’re getting more adventurous with our bath bomb making here at Elemental Blue. Typically, we make all of our bath bombs with sweet almond oil. This oil is mild, hypoallergenic and rich in Vitamin E. It also does a great job of making all of the ingredients stick together.

With our new floral, fruity-scented Blue Moon bath bomb, we are trying a couple of new ingredients and are replacing sweet almond oil with kukui oil […]

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Why We Use Phthalate-free Fragrances

One big difference between our soaps and many natural soaps is how they smell. While we make our soaps with all-natural oils, we also add manmade, phthalate-free fragrances to ensure an amazing scent.

Other handmade soap makers prefer scenting their soaps with essential oils because they’re from nature and not manmade. While these oils may still provide a nicely-scented soap, we at Elemental Blue prefer a more fragrant, beautiful scent, and […]

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New Shea and Aloe Lotion

Made with ingredients that heal, refresh and moisturize, our new shea and aloe lotion has a creamy rich texture that goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed by your skin. Our lotion is paraben-free, phthalate-free and mineral oil-free, so you can feel good knowing it’s a premium, high quality lotion.

Benefits of Shea Butter
The large amount of Vitamin A found in Shea Butter makes it a great healing ingredient and is known to improve skin allergies, […]

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Dead Sea Salt: Miracle Minerals for Your Skin

A few people have asked what makes Elemental Blue’s Mineral Bath so wonderful. Besides its amazing scent, there is a key, therapeutic ingredient that sets this bath product apart from others: Dead Sea salt.

Dead Sea salt comes from the saltiest body of water on earth and contains, what I like to call, miracle minerals, which benefit our skin and overall health. While Dead Sea salt is […]

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New Bath Bombs for a New Year

Can you believe it’s already a new year? Another year of birthdays and holidays, and more opportunities to live up to your goals and dreams. You’ll be sure to experience more wins, more failures, more sad and happy moments.

Because the anticipation can be overwhelming, we, at Elemental Blue, want to inspire focus and passion with the release of our two newest bath bombs, Zen Garden and Wildberry.

Floral and lightly-herbal […]

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See why our customers love our Kukui oil

Haven’t tried Kukui oil yet? We’re confident it will quickly become your favorite moisturizer.

Our customers love Kukui oil because:

  1. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and can be used in place of lotion
  2. It has been known to alleviate eczema and psoriasis
  3. A little bit goes a long way, and you can even use it on your face
  4. It heals scrapes and sunburns, which is why Hawaiian surfers love it too

See what our […]

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Tell us Your Story and Get a FREE Bath Bomb!

For many of us, taking a bath is something we rarely make time for. But when we do, it’s very relaxing and can be even more therapeutic with a bath bomb, some music and, perhaps, a glass of wine.

Personally, when I take a bath, it’s typically on a Sunday afternoon after yard work or a hard workout. It’s a treat to myself, and it helps me wind down a busy weekend.

At […]

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Bring the Beach to Your Bath with Hawaiian Breeze Bath Bombs

The smell of coconuts and fresh fruit brings back memories of warm, breezy days at the beach. If only those beach days could last forever…

While they can’t for most of us, our new Hawaiian Breeze bath bombs can turn your bath into a beach paradise. Just drop one in, watch it fizz and breath deep. Or, like some of our customers do with our other bath bombs, keep a few around your home to keep it smelling […]

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