Name our new soap and win!

New year. New soap! We recently whipped up our first batches of a new citrusy-scented soap enriched with cocoa butter. While it cures over the next four weeks, we need your help in giving it the perfect name.

From now until February 1, we are collecting name ideas for this new soap. If your name is selected, we’ll send you two free bars.

How to participate:

1. Read the description of the scent below and see how it […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas and New Holiday Soap

The holidays are a time to give, but sometimes knowing what to give can be difficult. If you’re looking for unique holiday gift ideas, check out Elemental Blue soaps and gift packages. They’re great for:
  • Hostess gifts – For your gracious family and friends who invite you over for Thanksgiving and holiday parties.
  • Client gifts – For your clients who get overloaded on food and candy baskets and would appreciate something different.
  • Teacher gifts – For male and female teachers – because […]
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Nothing says fall better than our Red Apple soap

I absolutely love summer, and it will always be my favorite season. But there’s something magical about the change of seasons from summer to fall. The air is more crisp. The tree leaves turn from green to beautiful bright yellow, red and orange colors. And, apples are ripe for picking. To help celebrate this Fall Season, we now offer Red Apple soap. It’s crisp and fresh, and the scent is reminiscent of taking that first […]

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Consider Natural Soap as a Substitute for Shampoo

I washed my hair, blew it dry and flat ironed it every day. I have curly hair. And like most girls with curly hair, I LOVE straight hair. Call me high maintenance, but I like my straight hair, so I continued to follow this process day after day, year after year.

Over time, this hair recipe resulted in a dry hair disaster. When I realized that people were distracted by my fly-away hairs wavering above my […]

A Soap Story from a Convert

Soap is an everyday, household item. But when you experience one that stands out from the pack, you get excited! Here’s a soap story about one of those experiences written by our very first Elemental Blue customer.

By John S.
July 31, 2015

Seems like such a long time ago, but way back in 1969 I took a trip out west with my family. You can probably imagine my parents showing their four kids the National Parks […]

Why Use Handmade Artisan Soap?

“Why use handmade artisan soap” was a question that never entered my mind before. Why would it have? The grocery store had so many options and brands claiming their soap was moisturizing and felt great on your skin. Brands like Dove, Ivory and Dial. For so long, I used these soaps and switched from one to another when I wanted to try a new scent. At one point, I started buying soap in bulk to save money. […]

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