Wedding Soap Favors


Elegantly packaged, Elemental Blue soap is a great way to leave a lasting memory of your special day. Customized to your liking, your guests will be intrigued by the fancy little gift that awaits them. Choose from the selections below. We’ll immediately send you samples of each soap to try and will follow up with you for your selections and details. In the end, you’ll have custom labeled soaps, packaged and ready to wow your guests.

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Once you choose your selections, here’s what you can expect:

We’ll send you samples of each of our soaps, so you can smell them, try them and choose whatever options you’d like. For example, you may want Raspberry Bliss for all of your female guests and Revive for all of your male guests. Or perhaps you want a variety of our sweeter-smelling scents for women and a variety of our masculine scents for men. Whatever you prefer, we leave that up to you.

We’ll email you with a request for the following details:

  • What kind of soaps would you like to order?
  • If you chose a package option that includes a bow, what color of bow would you like on each package?
  • What is the name of the bride and groom?
  • What is your wedding date?
  • What color would you like to use on your custom labels?
  • When would you like to receive your shipment?

By the date you request, we’ll send you your soaps – each with a custom label, packaged how you want them.

In order to make sure we can accommodate your needs, please plan for the following turnaround times:

  • 3-4 weeks for orders totaling 50 bars
  • 4-8 weeks for orders totaling more than 50 bars


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