Our bath bombs smell wonderful and moisturize your skin. We make them with a precise amount of sodium bicarbonate (which soothes the skin), citric acid (which gives it fizz) and natural, moisturizing oils like sweet almond or kukui and cocoa butter.

Bath bombs make great gifts, but also are nice to have on hand when you need some “me time.”

When dropping one into a nice warm bath, watch it fizz and melt over a couple of minutes as it releases its oils, leaving the water scented, soft and soothing.

No ring of color around your tub!
If you’ve ever used a bath bomb that left a ring of color or sparkles around your tub, it can be frustrating. After enjoying a relaxing, warm bath, the last thing you want to do is clean your bath tub! We make sure to use water soluble liquid colorants to keep from staining your tub.