Many times in life, you realize simple is better.

Think about it. Some of the best meals you make have just a few simple ingredients. And, when people talk about their ideal day, they don’t give a laundry list of things they want to do. They focus on a few simple things that matter the most.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than discovering simpler, better ways.

During a family trip to Hawaii, to my surprise, I made a new simple discovery: Kukui oil.

It all started when I stumbled across this bottle of oil at a local shop. Never having heard of it before, I asked the store owner about it and learned it was a great moisturizer that didn’t leave a greasy film like other oils. After she explained that many surfers in Hawaii use it every day, I was sold. Out of everyone in the world, surfers should know the best moisturizers available because they need it the most.

So, I tried it. And, unlike other new skincare products I’ve tried before, I ended up loving it. My family did too, which made me feel the need to buy more before the end of vacation.

After my trip, I became more curious about Kukui oil and found that it has a unique ability to not only soften skin, but also protect and heal it. It has been known to reduce inflammation and relieve eczema. Another reason why surfers love this oil is it’s healing effect it has on their cuts and sunburns.

How can an oil from a nut tree offer all of these skin benefits? Well, there’s a simple answer: it’s a very light oil that is easily absorbed by the deepest layers of the skin. And it contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, which help soothe and heal the skin.

What I like most about Kukui oil is that I just need one key ingredient to use as my face and body moisturizer. Not 20 ingredients. And, not a multi-step daily routine. Just one oil from a nut.

Now that’s simplicity at its finest.