Turn your ordinary bath into a spa-like experience with an Elemental Blue bath bomb – now in a new cube shape and made with an enhanced recipe. We make our bath bombs with Kaolin clay and Shea butter which are great for detoxifying and moisturizing your skin.

You’ll not only appreciate what our bath bombs do for your skin, but also what they do for your mood and mindset. Just drop one into the water, watch it fizz and take a deep breath. The skin-safe, phthalate-free fragrance will invigorate you.

What else do customers love about our bath bombs? They never leave a ring of color or sparkles around the tub. We make sure to use coloring that dissolves into the water and washes right down the drain.⁠

Are bath bombs safe for children and pregnant women?
Yes. Our bath bombs are gentle and safe to use for children ages two and over as well as pregnant women. We use phthalate-free fragrances and a bath bomb fragrance calculator to comply with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. As with any skincare product, reactions to fragrance or other ingredients are possible. If you experience any skin irritation after use, please discontinue use.

How many uses can you get from one bath bomb?
All bath bombs are intended for one-time use. We don’t recommend trying to break a bath bomb in half. Ours are pretty hard, and that could get pretty messy!

Can you use a bath bomb in a Jacuzzi?
While we haven’t tested for this and you should check with the manufacturer, we have had customers tell us they often use bath bombs in their Jacuzzi.

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