Sugar Scrub
Our sugar scrub is moisturizing with cocoa and shea butter and leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and lightly scented. It won’t leave your shower floor slippery like the more oily sugar scrubs out there.

We typically offer one kind of sugar scrub each season to keep things exciting for you while making sure we can manage production needs.

To make our sugar scrub, we combine natural olive and sweet almond oil, cocoa and shea butter, granulated sugar and even a little bees wax to help emulsify all ingredients. The texture is sandy and not too harsh, but strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells, After applying it, you won’t need to add another moisturizer.

Just massage small amounts into your skin, rinse off and pat dry. We recommend using it daily at the end of your shower on any dry or rough areas, including your legs, arms, hands and feet.

Mineral Bath
Did you know that taking a long, hot bath has medicinal benefits? Baths can help you:

Elevate your mood
Sleep better
Relieve muscle pain
Increase blood circulation
Relieve cold and flu symptoms
Burn calories

Add our mineral bath, and you’ll also nourish your skin!

Our mineral bath contains mineral-enriched Dead Sea salts coated with sweet almond oil and kaolin clay. It’s great for treating eczema, psoriasis and skin inflammation. And, it enables the skin to better absorb moisturizers.

Just sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons into a warm bath and relax!

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