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Mountain Spring is a great shaving soap and facial cleanser thanks to its creamy lather and key ingredients: activated charcoal and kaolin clay. These detoxifying ingredients do an excellent job of drawing out the dirt, oil and bacteria from your pores, while the creamy lather allows for a smooth shave. It’s specially formulated for shaving and facial cleansing, but it works just as well for all-over use.

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If you have acne prone skin or large pores, this charcoal soap is for you! Thanks to key ingredients, activated charcoal and kaolin clay, our Mountain Spring helps fight acne and achieve a flawless complexion by drawing the bacteria and dirt to the surface of your skin and washing it all away.

Interested in another soap that includes clay-cleansing properties? Check out Cloud 9, made with French yellow clay.

Activated Charcoal has many uses and benefits. Learn more.

Ingredients: Saponified, organic oils of olive, coconut, sustainable palm, rice bran, castor and cocoa butter; activated charcoal; kaolin clay; sodium lactate; phthalate-free fragrance; chromium oxide

Net Wt: ~5 oz

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 4 × 1.2 in


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