Want to give your wedding guests a special gift they’ll remember? Forget about giving the traditional Jordan Almond wedding favors. With tree nut allergies on the rise and the fact that Jordan Almonds aren’t loved by everyone, they’ve practically become a thing of the past. Many modern brides are giving unique, personalized gifts that appeal to a broader audience.

One trendy wedding favor to consider is┬ábeautifully-wrapped, handmade soap. Everybody uses it, and when it’s handmade, smells great and is wrapped in a beautiful package, it’s a gift that everyone will appreciate.

For busy brides who prefer to buy their wedding favors, Elemental Blue, an online soap shop, offers handcrafted, beautiful-smelling soap favors, customized and packaged for your guests. And the best thing about these soaps – all shopping, customization and ordering is easily done online at elementalblue.com/product/wedding-soap-favors.

When ordering, you choose your number of guests, number of bars per guest, one of three packages options, and your wedding date. Once your order is placed, the company conveniently mails you samples of each soap to try, so you can make an informed decision on what kinds of soap to choose for each guest. Elemental Blue then follows-up with you to get more details so that your bars of soap are custom labeled, packaged, and delivered when you need them.

For DIY brides who want to package their own soap favors, handmade soaps can be found from practically any local shop and online soap shops. Also, Pinterest provides a wealth of ideas for how to package soap.

Whatever way you choose, you can be certain that soap gifts will be appreciated and remembered by all of your guests. To learn more about handcrafted soap options from Elemental Blue, visit elementalblue.com.