Why “Shop Local” Means So Much to Me

I’ll never forget sitting in the back of my dad’s Dodge Caravan, waiting impatiently while he drove us to my grandma’s house. She lived 10 hours away in southeast Iowa where the roads were unpaved and the nearest neighbor lived at least a quarter mile away.

Unlike my kids who get to travel to beautiful beaches every summer, driving to the country to visit family is what I did on vacation when […]

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See why our customers love our Kukui oil

Haven’t tried Kukui oil yet? We’re confident it will quickly become your favorite moisturizer.

Our customers love Kukui oil because:

  1. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and can be used in place of lotion
  2. It has been known to alleviate eczema and psoriasis
  3. A little bit goes a long way, and you can even use it on your face
  4. It heals scrapes and sunburns, which is why Hawaiian surfers love it too

See what our […]

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Simple is better with Kukui Oil

Many times in life, you realize simple is better.

Think about it. Some of the best meals you make have just a few simple ingredients. And, when people talk about their ideal day, they don’t give a laundry list of things they want to do. They focus on a few simple things that matter the most.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than discovering simpler, better ways.

During a family trip to Hawaii, to my surprise, I made a […]

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Take care of your skin with the right kind of soap

Before realizing I needed to take better care of my skin, I didn’t care what kind of soap I used, as long as it smelled good. While scent is important for many of us, the actual ingredients used to make soap is equally, if not more, important.

To ensure you choose the right kind of soap, there are some key ingredients to look out for.

Avoid two cheap bubbly substitutes that dry your skin

Steer clear of cleansing […]

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Give your guests wedding favors they’ll really appreciate

Want to give your wedding guests a special gift they’ll remember? Forget about giving the traditional Jordan Almond wedding favors. With tree nut allergies on the rise and the fact that Jordan Almonds aren’t loved by everyone, they’ve practically become a thing of the past. Many modern brides are giving unique, personalized gifts that appeal to a broader audience.

One trendy wedding favor to consider is beautifully-wrapped, handmade soap. Everybody uses it, and when it’s handmade, smells […]

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Consider Natural Soap as a Substitute for Shampoo

I washed my hair, blew it dry and flat ironed it every day. I have curly hair. And like most girls with curly hair, I LOVE straight hair. Call me high maintenance, but I like my straight hair, so I continued to follow this process day after day, year after year.

Over time, this hair recipe resulted in a dry hair disaster. When I realized that people were distracted by my fly-away hairs wavering above my […]

A Soap Story from a Convert

Soap is an everyday, household item. But when you experience one that stands out from the pack, you get excited! Here’s a soap story about one of those experiences written by our very first Elemental Blue customer.

By John S.
July 31, 2015

Seems like such a long time ago, but way back in 1969 I took a trip out west with my family. You can probably imagine my parents showing their four kids the National Parks […]

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